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Elizabeth Eugena Harrison(non-registered)
Happy Birthday Mike!
Mike Hummel(non-registered)
Outstanding photos. Makes me homesick.
Debbie McBride(non-registered)
These are stunning photographs! Thank you for preserving and sharing Ketchikan's and SE Alaska's exceptional beauty in your images.
Royce Mattson(non-registered)
Been awhile since I looked on your web page! Beautiful as always - you are talented - it is amazing how you mix/match technology to get such awesome photos - we are impressed totally Sir...keep up the great work and if we lived closer I would bring my family to you and your friends studio for family portraits. Take care, hug your loved ones. Happy Holidays 2015!
Doug Burkman(non-registered)
Mike, You are an inspiration to all area artists and budding photographers. Keep up the great work and we are looking forward to more fantastic work!
Royce Mattson(non-registered)
OMG!!! Magnificent pictures Sir!!! I have to tell our daughter to check your photos out...breathtaking - after 40 years I think you may know what you are doing:) Thanks for sharing-take care:)
Lorrie Schouweiler(non-registered)
Wow! Mike I had no idea you were a photographer, and an awesome one at that! I loved all of your photos, I went through them all. Wow!
Loved looking at your site...amazing work...thanks for sharing with the world thru your eyes
Tammi Zufall(non-registered)
Hey there Mike, just doing some shopping. I have a lot of empty walls at this house! See ya soon! Tam
Linda Herff, Petersburg(non-registered)
Hey Mike, I am SO IMPRESSED! I had no idea you had this wonderful hidden
talent! Keep up the good work----it's beautiful to see.
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