Mike Hummel(non-registered)
Outstanding photos. Makes me homesick.
Debbie McBride(non-registered)
These are stunning photographs! Thank you for preserving and sharing Ketchikan's and SE Alaska's exceptional beauty in your images.
Royce Mattson(non-registered)
Been awhile since I looked on your web page! Beautiful as always - you are talented - it is amazing how you mix/match technology to get such awesome photos - we are impressed totally Sir...keep up the great work and if we lived closer I would bring my family to you and your friends studio for family portraits. Take care, hug your loved ones. Happy Holidays 2015!
Doug Burkman(non-registered)
Mike, You are an inspiration to all area artists and budding photographers. Keep up the great work and we are looking forward to more fantastic work!
Royce Mattson(non-registered)
OMG!!! Magnificent pictures Sir!!! I have to tell our daughter to check your photos out...breathtaking - after 40 years I think you may know what you are doing:) Thanks for sharing-take care:)
Lorrie Schouweiler(non-registered)
Wow! Mike I had no idea you were a photographer, and an awesome one at that! I loved all of your photos, I went through them all. Wow!
Loved looking at your site...amazing work...thanks for sharing with the world thru your eyes
Tammi Zufall(non-registered)
Hey there Mike, just doing some shopping. I have a lot of empty walls at this house! See ya soon! Tam
Linda Herff, Petersburg(non-registered)
Hey Mike, I am SO IMPRESSED! I had no idea you had this wonderful hidden
talent! Keep up the good work----it's beautiful to see.
Carla Eldridge(non-registered)
Hey Mike! The video you sent was AWESOME! I'd like to thank you so much for helping to make our Christmas fun, everyone was so impressed with you and your photography it has been strongly suggested we get down to you next summer and invade Ketchikan :D

Mucho love from we Mike Gates fans of Juneau (might even start a club)!

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